PC-Mull 815 Acrylic Emulsion



PC-Mull® 815* is a biobased acrylic copolymer, with a calculated biobased content of up to 15% for industrial and residential wood applications. Comparable to conventional 100% fossil-based products.

* Currently available in scale-up as EXP-PC-Mull® 815.

Quick facts

  • Performance comparable to that of conventional 100% fossil-based products
  • Can be used as a topcoat and self-sealer resin for high-end interior wood 1K applications
  • Provides chemical and block resistance
  • Offers transparency and in-can clarity
  • Imparts fast hardness development and leveling

Typical Product Attributes

Weight % Solids 40 ± 1%
pH Value 8.0 – 9.0
Density (kg/m3) Approx. 1055
Viscosity (mPa·s) < 250
MFFT (°C) Approx. 30° C