Product Highlights

Formulate your Architectural, Industrial, Construction and Adhesive products with EPS and CCA high performing resins and colorants.

What's New

EPS 2719 new all-acrylic emulsion designed to eliminate asphalt bleed through in cool roof coatings.

NovoColor HP next generation colorant specifically engineered for architectural and waterborne industrial coatings.

NovoColor Superfine (SF) colorant for ulitmate transparency.

EPS 2799 new polymer for high-gloss paints. Low-VOC technology improves hardness and low tack performance.


Technology Update

EPS is a leading supplier of high performing, compliant acrylic emulsion technologies as well as conventional resins. The focus is on what is most important to our customers to create products based on their unique needs.

EPS emulsion choices include a wide range of 100% acrylic and styrene acrylic emulsions with proprietary adhesion technology to offer polymers with value-added features including superior adhesion to multiple substrates, early water resistance, block resistance and abrasion resistance.


Put away the can opener! We're making the move to plastic, easy open, twist top, quart containers for our colorants. Read more

EPS provides a new comprehensive website to help formulators design with a complete product portfolio. Check out the interactive product section to quickly search for the best resin and colorant choices based on chemistries, applications, substrates and more.

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