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We supply the building blocks for you to formulate coatings. Before you develop your final coatings or adhesives, our experts work hard to provide the high-performance resins and polymers you need to formulate innovative products. We also offer broad colorant technology for both POS and In-Plant OEM clients.

Differentiating your product portfolio has never been easier. Schedule a conference call with our experts today. We’re committed to providing the information, resources and products you need. Whether it’s tracking down a technical analysis, or future-looking development, we’re ready to help move your business forward.

Product Highlights

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EPS 2420 new binder for interior and exterior wood applications such as multi-coat, enamels and varnishes with exceptional leveling properties, UV resistance and in-can transparency.

EPS 2430 new self-crosslinking all-acrylic dispersion used as a binder for high quality wood coatings.

EPS 2458 new water based, self-crosslinking all-acrylic binder for interior and exterior applications.

EPS 2580 new direct-to-metal acrylic polymer offering excellent gloss, corrosion and chemical resistance and capable of formulating coatings at <50g/L VOC.

EPS 2252 non-APEO, acrylic emulsion offering excellent adhesion to TPO, EPDM, metal, and asphalt roofing substrates.

NovoColor SF is the next generation of waterborne pigment dispersions designed for in-plant tinting of coatings and stains where a high degree of color transparency is desired. 




EPS employs state-of-the-art technology to develop high performance resins and colorants designed to serve the architectural, industrial, construction, and adhesive and sealants industries.

Made with proprietary adhesion technology, our acrylic emulsions and PUDs for industrial coatings deliver excellent hardness and corrosion resistance. For the roofing industry, EPS produces resins with outstanding dirt pickup resistance and excellent adhesion to low energy substrates.

We offer high performance acrylic emulsions for concrete sealers and coatings with superior blush resistance.  Our admixture polymers offer excellent resistance to cracking.

For the architectural coatings industry, EPS supplies acrylic emulsions with self-crosslinking technology for high-performance applications offering outstanding gloss retention and dirt pick up resistance.

EPS manufactures colorants for POS and In-Plant customers.  We offer solvent-borne colorants that are compatible with many industrial coating systems, and our waterborne colorants meet stringent VOC regulations.

Learn about the performance comparisons between water-only and universal colorants.



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UL Environment's GREENGUARD Certification Program has awarded the UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification for the NovoColor® HP II 8600 line of colorants.  Read more



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