EPS is a global supplier of CCA colorants to the consumer paints and industrial coatings industries. For over 70 years our focus has been on developing a very broad colorant technology portfolio for both POS and In-Plant OEM customers to use in architectural and industrial applications. Colorants previously supplied by Accurate Dispersions can now be purchased from CCA.

Dedicated Color Services Group

Our dedicated color services group brings over 100 years of experience to the industry. They understand that making a colorant change is a great undertaking and they take pride in delivering the best and most consistent product and customer experience. 

Product Line OverviewColor Services Color Swatch

Our architectural and industrial universal colorants offer high-strength expanded pigment options for both in-plant and POS systems. 

Architectural Colorants
  • High strength expanded pigment options
  • Water-based in-plant dispersions
  • Formulated without APEO, glycol, or formaldehyde
Industrial Colorants
  • Highly compatible across all solvent-based lines
  • In-plant water-based systems for OEM Industrial lines
  • High-quality pigments utilized and sourced globally
Custom Colorant Blends
  • A blend of 2-4 colorants formulated to match a customer’s specific color target for their finished paint or coating
  • Blended colorants are supplied as a single component
  • Customer adds that single component to their paint
  • Target customers: In-plant tinting with a standard set of paint colors

Read our technical paper to learn more about performance comparisons between water-only and universal colorants.

POS Tinting Systems

NovoColor HP II 8600


 ArchitecturalIndustrial GREENGUARD UL2818 Gold Certification

Next generation of high performance, near zero VOC, water-only colorants to help customers meet the most stringent VOC restrictions

NovoColor II 8800


 ArchitecturalGREENGUARD UL2818 Gold Certification

Universal pigment dispersions for waterborne and solventborne architectural coating systems to help customer meet stringent VOC restrictions

In-Plant Pigment Pastes

ExacTint 700


 Architectural Industrial wood

Designed for the tinting of solvent and oil based products, especially wood stains and conventional alkyd based coatings

NovoColor IP 8500



Waterborne pigment dispersions specifically engineered to help meet stringent VOC restrictions

NovoColor SF 8100



Waterborne dispersions designed for the tinting of waterborne coatings and stains, especially wood stains and other applications where a high degree of transparency of color is desired

OptiColor XP 4100



High performance industrial colorants utilizing lightfast pigments dispersed in a unique aldehyde resin system and a blend of urethane grade ester solvents