NovoColor Superfine (SF) In Plant - Waterborne Coatings

NovoColor® SF waterborne dispersions are designed for in-plant tinting of coatings and stains where a high degree of color transparency is desired. Composed of high quality, lightfast pigments, it offers excellent color stability and uniformity. These colorants are controlled to very stringent color and opacity standards, and give the user batch to batch appearance uniformity.

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Key Features

  • High transparency
  • Non-Resinous and ethylene and propylene glycol free
  • Excellent lightfastness and durability
  • Outstanding compatibility in a wide range of waterborne coating systems, including acrylic emulsion and water-reducible alkyd stains
  • Wide range of pigment choices to meet your coating systems requirements for durability, chemical resistance, and color space

Additional Uses/Markets

  • Wood Stains and Coatings
  • Concrete Stains
  • Specialty Inks
  • Foil Coatings
  • Glass Coatings


  •   Strength controlled to +/- 2% Tint Strength, by weight
  •   Color controlled to DE < 1.0 by CIELab
  •   Hegman grind - minimum 7.5

Product Information (PDFs)

NovoColor SF Information

NovoColor SF Tech Data Sheet