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These products are available in North America.  Click here to view our European resin and colorant products.

EPS 2580

Acrylic Emulsion

 Architectural  Construction  Industrial Maintenance  Industrial OEM

A self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion with excellent adhesion to metal substrates and corrosion resistance. It provides the capability to formulate direct-to-metal primers and coatings at <50g/L VOC.

EPS 2252

Acrylic Emulsion


A high solids acrylic emulsion designed to adhere to low energy substrates commonly used in roofing. It provides the capability to formulate coatings at <50g/L VOC.

EPS 2799

Acrylic Emulsion

A versatile 100% acrylic film-forming polymer for high performance gloss interior and exterior architectural coatings.

CCA Colorant Portfolio

View our complete line of high performance colorants for both POS and In-Plant OEM customers to use in architectural and industrial applications.


The products listed below are available in North America. 

Click here to view our European resin and colorant products.

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