EPS 2708 Acrylic Emulsion



EPS2708 is an all-acrylic emulsion designed for high alkaline applications. It can be used as a polymer admixture for cement-based products or as a binder for coatings and primers over cementitious substrates. It can also be used for Porch and Deck paints and can be formulated at < 50 g/l VOC

Quick facts

  • High alkali stability
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and adhesion
  • Good balance of flexibility and hardness
  • Exceeds bond strength requirements per ASTM C-1059-91
  • Improves flexural strength and modulus of elasticity per ASTM C-580
  • Reduces permeability of cement matrices

Typical Product Attributes

Weight % Solids 50.0
pH Value 8.5