FORTON VF 774 Acrylic Emulsion



FORTON® VF 774 is an all acrylic, co-polymer dispersion specifically formulated for the Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) production process as well as for concrete and concrete repair products. VF-774 is UV stable and is further formulated to be stable and durable in the high pH Portland cement-based GFRC composite.

Smooth-On is the exclusive distributor of FORTON® products in North America.

Quick facts

  • Elimination of the seven day wet cure.
  • Long term durability.
  • PCI Certified.
  • Improved workability.
  • Easy spraying of vertical surfaces.
  • Hard cured face mixes.
  • Tighter, denser cured product.
  • Elimination of crazing and spider cracking.

Typical Product Attributes

Weight % Solids 51 +/- 1%
pH Value 8.0 - 10.0