High-Performance Resins for Industrial Wood - EPS® 2400 Series

High-Performance Resins for Industrial Wood - EPS® 2400 Series

Wood coatings formulated with EPS polymers offer increased durability and beautiful, high-performance finishes, as well as excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, good hardness/flexibility ratio, exceptional leveling and faster dry times. This balance of properties streamlines production and reduces manufacturing times. All products from the EPS® 2400 series are APE-free (made without APE-containing surfactants).

The following products are available in North America. View our products available in Europe and the Middle East.

EPS® 2420

Self-Crosslinking All-Acrylic Emulsion for Joinery

EPS 2420 is a binder for interior and exterior wood applications such as multi-coat, enamels and varnishes with exceptional leveling properties, UV resistance and in-can transparency.

EPS® 2426

Styrenated Acrylic Emulsion for Self-Sealers 

EPS 2426 is a styrenated acrylic emulsion offering excellent early water resistance. It is used as a wood edge sealer for lumber.                                                                

EPS® 2436

Leading 1K Acrylic Technology for High-End Topcoats & Self-Sealers 
Topcoat, Self-Sealer

EPS 2436 is a self-crosslinking all-acrylic dispersion used as a binder for high quality wood coatings.                                                                                                                      

EPS® 2452

Self-Crosslinking Multiphase All-Acrylic Emulsion 

EPS 2452 is used as the principal vehicle for white pigmented high-performance furniture and wood finishes where IKEA R2 (coffee and ethanol resistance) performance is necessary.                                                                       


EPS® 2454

All-Acrylic Dispersion for High-Quality Wood Coatings
Primer, Self-Sealer

EPS 2454 is used as the principal vehicle for primers and self-sealers where high clarity, excellent penetration and minimal grain raising is a must. The product has been specifically developed for oak to avoid undesired discoloration.

EPS® 2458

All-Acrylic Emulsion with Proven Performance
Primer, Self-Sealer

EPS 2458 is a water based, self-crosslinking all-acrylic binder for interior and exterior applications.