EPS 2789 Acrylic Emulsion



EPS 2789 is a 100% film-forming acrylic polymer that is an excellent choice for exterior flat through satin architectural paints.

EPS 2789 offers excellent exterior durability, adhesion and dirt pickup resistance (DPUR). 

Quick facts

  • Grain crack resistance on dimensionally unstable substrates
  • Adhesion to chalky and glossy substrates
  • Dirt pickup resistance (DPUR)
  • Low temperature (35°F) application and durability
  • Early water resistance
  • Performance over highly alkaline substrates
  • APEO-Free, 100% acrylic film-forming polymer
  • Low coalescent demand. Near-zero VOC paints can be formulated using EPS 9147 coalescent

Typical Product Attributes

Weight % Solids 60.0
pH Value 8.5