EPS 2741 Acrylic Emulsion



EPS 2741 is a 100% acrylic film-forming polymer that is an excellent choice for high performance flat through semi-gloss interior and exterior architectural coatings. EPS 2741 is a versatile polymer offering excellent performance when formulated into Architectural DIY and / or Professional paint formulations.

Quick facts

  • Scrub resistance over a wide formulation space (ASTM D2486, MPI #53 and #141)
  • Stain removal and washability (ASTM D4828)
  • Resistance to household chemicals / cleaners (ASTM D1308)
  • Self-Priming properties: Tannin stain and water-soluble marker stain-blocking
  • APEO-Free, 100% acrylic film-forming polymer
  • Excellent exterior durability including resistance to dirt pickup
  • Low coalescent demand. Near-zero VOC paints can be formulated using EPS 9147 coalescent.

Typical Product Attributes

Weight % Solids 50.0
pH Value 8.5-9.0